Thermafleece EcoRoll Natural Insulation

Introducing Thermafleece EcoRoll - A Naturally Affordable Insulating Solution

With all the 'Big Six' energy firms having announced increases in price, insulation is becoming more and more popular as a way in which to reduce the cost of bills and now there is an even more economical solution.

Experts in the field Second Nature UK Ltd have developed and launched its latest innovation - Thermafleece EcoRoll, a compress packed wool insulation that is easy to handle and quick to install and we are happy to announce we are now selling this product - buy here.

THERMAFLEECE EcoRoll incorporates a number of improvements;

20%.more wool compared to our existing roll.

35% less packaging weight per sq.m.

20% more insulating material per pack meaning 20% less transport impacts to site as well as 20% less packs to handle and store.

Not only have they made all these improvements, they have reduced the cost by 10%.

Second Nature’s Commercial & Technical Director Mark Lynn commented:  “At a time when consumers are expecting greater value, it’s important we keep innovating to meet this need.  With THERMAFLEECE EcoRoll we have nearly halved the cost of wool insulating material compared to a decade ago when we first launched the brand”.

Available in widths of 370mm & 570mm and thicknesses from 50mm to 140mm and also available in slabs.

Commenting further, Mark Lynn added: “I believe that THERMAFLEECE EcoRoll is the best value on the market when it comes to a naturally insulating product it isn’t just about cost.  It is manufactured to our same high standards in the UK and we have maintained the level of performance customers have come to expect from the THERMAFLEECE brand.  That has to be good for the market”.

Insulating with this product EcoRoll can result in energy savings greater than £150 per year meaning that the insulation pays for itself in just a few years.

For further information please visit our EcoRoll product page

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