Odour Buster - Concentrated eco friendly odour eater from Fragile Earth

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Environmentally Friendly Odour Eater

Odour buster is specially formulated and packaged for easy application directly to areas emitting bad smells, leaving a fresh, clean fragrance. To assure optimal performance of this product under the toughest conditions, it has been produced and blended together with high potency surfactants and odour modifiers, which control bad smells at the source.

This pet friendly, non caustic spray effectively digests bad odours from kitchens, toilets, bathrooms and wheelie bins. Also removes tobacco smells.

Simply add 50ml to a 500ml trigger spray bottle and fill with water, or use neat. Don't forget that because odour buster can be diluted with water it is extremely economical. Compared to other products Odour Buster is great value at just 66p per litre. As it is concentrated the container is so much smaller, and because you can use our refillable trigger spray it makes this a truly environmentally friendly product.

Price is per 500ml Bottle & includes delivery

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This product is supplied in 500 ml bottles and is delivered CARRIAGE PAID.

Odour Buster is ideal for residential and commercial applications where odour is a concern. Use as needed in kitchens, restrooms, wheelie bins, pet areas, waste bins, cars and any other areas where bad odours occur. When used as directed, Odour Buster is safe for people, pets, clothing and the environment. This product is non-caustic, non-acidic and biodegradable.

  • Application
  • Odour Buster can be used in a spray bottle and sprayed into the air, around and directly onto odorous surfaces as needed. This product may also be added to mop water and used on floors, around urinals, etc. Wet floors may be slippery. Use care to avoid falling. Avoid eye and skin contact. Avoid discharge to natural waters. Small spillages can be washed away with large amounts of water. Large spillages, if contained, can be returned to container.


Simply add 50ml to a 500ml trigger spray bottle and fill with water.

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  • Form: Free-flowing liquid
  • Colour: Pastel blue
  • Fragrance: Mint or Lemon
  • Active Content: Surfactants, Odour Modifiers, Bacteria cultures
  • Plate Count: 40 billion per 4 litres


  • 500 ml containers.
  • Note: As Odour buster is a blend of live bacteria, we recommend that any diluted product is refreshed after two weeks.

Benefits of Odour Buster

  • Controls odours
  • Easy to use
  • Safer than chemicals
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Can be used almost anywhere

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