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Panelvent DWD Structural Vapour Permeable Sheathing Board 12mm

Panelvent DWD Structural Vapour Permeable Sheathing Board 12mm

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Panelvent DWD  is a 12mm thick square edged sheathing board designed to replace OSB and plywood as an external lining board to provide racking and enhanced vapour transfer for timber frame and conventional construction.

With market-leading water vapour resistance values, this board allows the designer the freedom to design breathing structures, free of the risks of interstitial condensation.

Key Features

  • For use in racking panels to BS5268 and EC5 DIN EN 1995-1-1
  • Rigid sheathing/sarking for diffusion permeable timber frame walls and roofs.
  • Ultra Low Formaldehyde Emissions
  • Service Class 1 & 2 durability
  • Standard 1198 x 2398 x 12mm  sheet size
  • PEFC certification
  • CE Marked
  • Can be left exposed for up to 6 weeks

The board is PEFC certified, Panelvent® DWD sheathing has an ultra-low formaldehyde emission of less than 0.03ppm to comply with strict European directives.

Each board is 1198 x 2398 x 12mm, 60 sheets per pallet, Each board weighs 19.48 kilos


Price is per board. Bulk Discounts apply

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What is Panelvent DWD

Panelvent® DWD is a structural MDF.RWH fibreboard manufactured in accordance with EN 622-5 and complies with the German technical approval certificate Z-9.1-382 and European standard DIN EN14964. Panelvent® DWD has been developed to combine high racking strength and durability under service class 1 & 2 conditions. Panelvent® DWD is used as a vapour permeable sheathing board for the timber frame industry and can be used as an alternative to the more traditional boards. It comes into its own where vapour open (breathing wall) construction has been specified.

Panelvent® DWD is designed to be used on the outer face of insulated wall framing due to its high vapour permeability and high strength. We recommend its use with a vapour check layer (such as Intello Plus or OSB3 on the internal face)  however the wall make-up must be checked by a qualified person to ensure condensation does not occur. In many situations, the application of a breather membrane is not required, unless in areas of severe exposure, where rain screens or timber cladding are to be used or where required by the NHBC or the local authority.

Board Standard

Moisture resistant glued wood fibreboard to Z-9.1-382 and BS EN 622-5



CE marked, PEFC chain of custody





Nominal size

1198 x 2398



565 (+/-10)kg/mm3 to BS EN323


Board Weight



Bending Strength

14 N/mm2



1600 N/mm2


Tensile Strength

7.2 N/mm2


Panel Shear

3.70 N/mm2



Min Category 1 & 2 to BS5268


Design lateral load for single 3.00mm nail

FfRd……..Kn (Characteristic EC5)


Mean water vapour resistance

0.66Mns/g (using wet cup method)


Extractable Formaldehyde

Class E1


Thickness Swelling

10% after 24 hours immersion


Fire rating




60 sheets per pallet

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Manufacturing Process

Panelvent® DWD is manufactured on a modern hot press ContiRoll line to EN622-5:2004 using a moisture resistant 100% formaldehyde free PU resin as the binding agent.

Environmental Advantages

Panelvent® DWD is manufactured using sawdust and woodchips from debarked coniferous softwood sourced from a neighbouring sawmill and cultivated sustainable forests.

Panelvent® DWD is manufactured using approx 88% dry wood fibres.

The board is PEFC certified, Panelvent® DWD sheathing has an ultra-low formaldehyde emission of less than 0.03ppm to comply with strict European directives.

Panelvent® DWD is more vapour open than many types of sheathing materials currently in use throughout the construction industry and therefore lends itself to be used in conjunction with suitable hygroscopic insulation materials to create “breathing wall construction”. Typically the water vapour transmission resistance of plywood is 4.78 MNs/g whereas Panelvent® DHF is 0.66 MNs/g. (wet cup test)

Breather Membrane

Panelvent® DWD sheathing boards have a natural wax additive and therefore, in certain applications, there is no requirement for the introduction of a breather membrane. However, a breather membrane should be used where the external finish is a rain screen, timber boarding (i.e.: shiplap) or in areas of high exposure where wind-driven rain could penetrate the external finishes.

For projects where an NHBC warranty is to be provided, a breather membrane must be provided to comply with their regulations. Site conditions may also dictate the use of a membrane or tapes to prevent moisture ingress through the expansion gaps during construction.


Prior to fixing, remove all packaging and steel banding from the boards and store them flat, off the ground and loosely covered with waterproof sheeting so as to allow air circulation. The boards are conditioned to approximately 5% moisture content in the factory and it is, therefore, necessary to store the boards in the environment in which they are to be fixed, for at least 24 hours prior to fixing, to allow them to reach an equilibrium moisture content. The boards should be fixed with the “Panelvent DWD” stamp on the outer face. On fixing the boards, a 2mm expansion gap should be left at all edges of the board in compliance with EN/TS 12872.

A minimum edge support of 18mm should be provided on all framing. We recommend the use of machine nailing, due to the density of the board, with a min 3.0mm Dia. X 50mm long galv. or stainless steel nail. In accordance with EC5/BS5268, the perimeter nail spacing should not exceed 75mm centres with maximum 150mm centres on intermediate studs with a minimum recommended edge nailing distance of 10mm. In all cases, the fixings and their centres are to be as the Engineers detailed specification.

Panelvent® DWD is suitable for sheathing timber frame panels with stud framing not less than 38mm width and at centres not exceeding 600mm. Panelvent® DWD when fixed to vertical wall panels or roof pitches greater than 16 deg. can withstand weather exposure for up to 6 weeks, without the application of a breather membrane.

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