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    Ultra Natural Insulating Lime Plaster Base Coat For Rendering & Plastering 15 litres (10kgs approx)

    Ultra is a thermally insulating lime basecoat for rendering and plastering.

    Coverage - Ultra is sold in 15 litre bags these weigh 10kg (approx) they yeild as follows

    1 litre per mm of thickness over 1m2
    One bag will cover: 1.5m2 at 10mm thick, 1m2 at 15mm thick & 0.6m2 at 25mm thick

    Made using modern manufacturing techniques, Ultra’s formulation is based on traditional Natural Hydraulic Lime and light-weight mineral aggregates to make a product unique in the marketplace. Key benefits include:

    • Reduced heat losses through the wall
    • Enhanced resistance to salts
    • Fibre reinforced
    • Highly breathable
    • Builds out in thick layers
    • Mineral ingredients – guaranteed never to rot. 

    Ultra Natural is a highly insulating lime plaster base coat that is five to ten times thermally more efficient than other plasters when tested in accordance with British Standards. This makes it the perfect plastering base coat for renovations, where it gives an additional insulation layer to internal walls and even more so when Ultra Natural is used as render on outside walls.

    Thermally efficient pure lime basecoat. Insulation is given by blown glass granules within the mix. A lightweight, insulating lime base coat for rendering and plastering. Completely free from cement, gypsum, acrylic, ash or other unsuitable additives. Ultra natural can be applied in coats of up to 30mm thick to save time and money

    A versatile, general purpose insulating plaster or render base coat suitable for most renovation and refurbishment projects. Principally for use on masonry and brickwork in good condition Use Solo as the top coat to finish.

    Price is per 15 litre bag

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