Pro Clima 2015 Brochure & Guides to Airtighness & Windtightness

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Under the 'Technical info' tab below you can download the latest Pro Clima brochure and two very useful guides showing detailing for airtightness and wind tightness connections with both the technical detail and appropriate products.

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By choosing the pro clima range, you can be confident that you are implementing a robust, durable and energy efficient airtight and windtight design for your build.

Click on the 'Technical Info' tab above to download the guides

Key attributes to the pro clima range include:

  • BBA, NSAI and CE approved
  • Intello Plus is the most advanced reinforced intelligent airtight and vapour control membrane on the market
  • Pro clima tapes and glues are solid acrylic and so provide a permanent airtight seal even in humid climate conditions like Ireland and the UK
  • Sentinel Haus approved to ensure healthy installation and living space
  • Helps prevent mould and structural degradation and ensures a healthy living environment
  • The pro clima tapes, Tescon Vana, No.1, and Unitape are currently the only tape yet to pass the Kassel Institute accelerated aging test for 100+ years performance

In a recent independent consumer watchdog publication in Germany 8 leading airtightness system brands were tested. Pro clima was confirmed as the best and most reliable system on the market.

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