Insulation isn’t just about keeping a building warm.
Insulation has eight key roles to improve a
building’s performance.

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Introduction and background

A recent survey of UK builders found that over 54% of respondents thought that insulation was only about keeping the heat in and nothing else. At Ecomerchant we know that insulation has many functions so we teamed up with Steico to launch our Protexion campaign to champion the benefits of using natural insulation products. In this introduction, you will find interesting facts about insulation a brief history of insulation, plus links to articles and technical information.


Over the past 20 years we have seen the reshaping of our collective and personal attitude to the impact of our behaviour….


Thermal Performance describes how well a structure responds to changes in external temperature …


A recent report by Scientific Research published in the Open Journal of Acoustics concluded that “density is the crucial factor to determine the acoustic efficiency of a material” most synthetic insulations are low density

Fire Protection

Because wood fibre is made from wood, the general perception is that it burns quickly…


We should be concerned about everyone’s health…


Insulation improves comfort by moderating external effects and smoothing out variations….


During construction, the great British weather inevitably gets a building’s shell thoroughly soaked before the roof goes on and it can begin to dry out….


Durability is the capacity of the building to resist decay or degradation