Because wood fibre is made from wood, the general perception is that it burns quickly. This isn’t the case.Where balls of paper burn quickly, a book will burn very slowly in a fire and this is true of wood fibre as well. Wood fibre does not support a flame and instead, it merely smoulders in a fire. This ensures that even in the most intense fires, the occupants are able to safely get out of the building.

Wood fibre boards can resist very high temperatures for very long periods, creating systems that give in excess of 75 minutes fire protection even from temperatures approaching 1000 degrees Celsius.

Importantly, in a fire, no cyanide gasses are released as the wood fibre insulation smoulders. The release of cyanide during the combustion of PUR/PIR insulations is one of the issues that makes them so deadly during a fire.

Here’s how Steico UK products provide Protexion from fire.