Rehau Everloc; Universal Pipe Fittings

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Rehau Everloc; Universal Pipe Fittings

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Rehau Everloc™ Universal Brass Fittings are used for jointing Rauvitherm and Rauthermex pipes.  A list of items that Rehau can supply can be found in the technical area below.  Please contact the sale office on 01793 847 444 or email your request to

Recognised for both quality and high performance, the REHAU EVERLOC™ Heating and Plumbing System is the ideal solution for hot and cold water, central heating and underfloor heating systems.

The system combines the advantages of high technology polymer materials with the benefits of an integrated range of pipe and fittings.

- Flexibility and rapid fix fittings save installation time

- REHAU EVERLOC™ high integrity jointing system

- Pipe in pipe saves duct costs

- Extensive fittings range

- No corrosion or limescale

- Quiet operation

- All REHAU products are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards

- WRAS listed

The result is outstanding products which will perform long into the future, with major benefits for specifier, installer and client. If installed correctly, Everloc fittings

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