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Hertalan Easy Cover  EPDM

Hertalan Easy Cover EPDM

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As this is a bespoke item this cannot be sold online, please call 01793 847 444 with your requirements for a full quote.

Price is per square metre for prefabricated EPDM simply send in your roof dimensions for us to price

An adaptable and proven BBA certified EPDM system with a full Environmental Product Declaration for use as a waterproofing and root barrier with green roofs or for waterproofing flat and low pitch roofs

Hertalan Easy Cover is a BBA Certified EPDM flat roofing system. The special hot bonding technique is used to connect EPDM sheets together at the Hertalan factory; this produces an EPDM flat roofing system that can virtually seal an entire roof at once, using a single large sheet or sheets.

There are big advantages to working with an EPDM membrane. The number of seams, and accordingly risks, are kept to an absolute minimum. Far fewer actions on the roof are required, which makes each roof structure waterproof more quickly and effectively either as a partially/fully adhered, mechanically fixed or ballasted system process.

Hertalan easy cover EPDM membranes have excellent properties and are suitable for exposure to UV and ozone radiation without ageing and therefore can be used as adhered and mechanically fixed systems without the requirement for additional surface protection.

When used with Ecomerchant Instant Green Roof sedum trays simply lay loose and glue the vertical sections and upstands. Hertalan Easy Cover waterproofs and acts as a weed barrier at the same time.

Price is per square metre for prefabricated EPDM simply send in your roof dimensions for us to price

Components including rolls of EPDM, adhesive, primers and self adhesive membranes are all available from stock please call for pricing - see "TECHNICAL INFO" tab for full list 

Hertalan BBA

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Hertalan easy cover is a product with unique properties; it has an exceptionally long life expectancy, requires minimal maintenance and is both root and UV/OZONE-resistant. The environmental impact is negligible and the return on investment significant for EPDM flat roofing.


  • Long service life: over 50 years for the system (SKZ study 2001)
  • Quick application using prefabricated membranes
  • Bitumen and root penetration resistant               
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for any traditional flat roofing system   
  • Ideal for green roofing systems (FLL approved)
  • Ecologically responsible
  • Environmental Product Declaration from DUBOkeur®
  • Permanent elasticity
  • Significant return on investment              
  • Lightweight: approximately 1,23 kg/m²/mm
  • UV resistant hot air weldable EW strip   
  • Safe application without naked flame    
  • Minimal maintenance
  • AA fire rated system     
  • BBA certified
For individual sytem components please see "TECHNICAL INFO" tab, for installation videos see"MORE INFO" tab

Easy Cover and Green Roof Construction

A green roof is a roof that is covered with vegetation. Selecting a vegetation type combines the practical with the enjoyable. Green roof constructions improve the heat and noise insulation of a building structure, have an air purifying effect, catch rainwater and discharge it at a delayed rate, enhance the area’s biodiversity and have added aesthetic value.

Hertalan EPDM membranes are resistant to root penetration and feature an FLL hallmark which includes both our hot-bonding seam and hot air welded seam.

The EPDM system can be fitted as a membrane (fewer seams during installing, resulting in a reduced risk of leaks) and will generally exceed the life span of the vegetation layer. Hertalan EPDM green roof construction is the most environmentally friendly choice as a waterproof layer un

HertalanEPDM roofing systems can be used for any type of green roof, intensive or extensive.

See the installation video below where the ballast comes form the sedum trays - so avoiding the use of adhesive on horizontal surfaces.


  • Full Environmental Product Declaration
  • Hertalan is certified by  DUBOkeur®

NIBE Netherlands gives a clear overview of the environmental costs (EPD) of building materials that are most commonly used. NIBE classifies the Environment Costs pro building material, shown as "hidden environmental costs".

Although it is a Dutch institution, good and accurate information is provided. In Each assessment there is always a ‘first class’ product; this is the least environmentally damaging product of the overall assessment. The classification of all other products within the same group is related to this ‘first class’ product. The properties of the product make sure that the material is acknowledged as an environmentally friendly product. Hertalan EPDM is ecologically friendly, does not leach out, is relatively thin and has a significant lifespan.

 Hertalan EPDM sheets have a Classification 1A, this is the highest achievable ranking.

The DUBOkeur® certificate proves that a product, material or property is an environmentally friendly choice. This is demonstrated by means of an environmental life cycle assessment made by the Dutch Institute for Building Biology and Ecology (NIBE).

With DUBOkeur® certification, products, raw materials and housing have independent and scientific proof to demonstrate that they are a sustainable choice. The purpose of the DUBOkeur® label is solely for the top end of the market in the field of sustainability.

This award is a very important recognition of the sustainable features of Hertalan EPDM membrane and shows that Hertalan EPDM rubber liners are one of the most environmentally friendly products in the flat roof sector.         

Dutch Institute for Building Biology and Ecology (NIBE)

The NIBE as an independent research institute assesses the environmental impact of a construction product throughout its life-cycle, based upon 17 (environmental) issues ranging from global warming to recycling or treatment of waste. Only the construction products score environmentally best qualify for DUBOkeur ®.

 Michiel de Haas: DUBOkeur ®.

"In a time where distinguished sustainability is becoming increasingly important, the DUBOkeur ® forms a clear and scientific basis for putting an environmentally friendly product on the market. A product is only eligible for DUBOkeur ® if it falls in the environmental category 1 or 2. The DUBOkeur ® certificate is exclusively for real sustainable products".

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For technical information, installation guides and certificates please see downloads at the bottom of this page

For installation videos see "MORE INFO" tab

System Components Accessories  


Ecomerchant Hertalan EPDM Roll 2


Factory made to your requirements and supplied as a single sheet


Ecomerchant Hertalan EPDM Roll



Available in lengths 2.8m: 3.5m: 4.2m: 5.6m: 7m: 8.4m: 9.8m: & 11.2m


Ecomerchant Hertalan Easy Cover KS137 Contact Adhesive




NB. When using Ecomerchant Instant Green Roof adhesive is only required on upstands and vertical areas as the unsaturated weight of the sedum trays is sufficient to hold the  EPDM in place as determined within the Building Control Regulations.

A ready-for-use contact adhesive which has been developed specially for adhering Hertalan EPDM membranes both vertically and horizontally onto surfaces such as wood, bitumen, masonry material, lead and suitable faced rigid thermal insulation boards, is recommended to use adhesive on both the membrane and the substrate, the indicative yield below is based on this assumption.

  • Coverage approx. allow 500g adhesive/ m²
  • Available in cans of 0.9. and 5,3Kg

ROOF DRAIN: RAINWATER OUTLET - For use with Hertalan easy cover

Ecomerchant Hertalan Easy Cover Roof Drain Rainwater Outlet

  • A 400mm PE pipe with an EPDM flange
  • Available in 90 and 45 degrees angles
  • Flange size is between 300 - 400 mm

ROOF DRAIN: SCUPPER OUTLET - for use with Hertalan easy cover

Ecomerchant Hertalan Easy Cover Roof Drain Scupper Outlet


  • A  300 mm PE pipe with an EPDM flange
  • Available in 60x80 and 60x100 mm
  • Available in 90 and 45 degrees angles
  • Flange size is 300x300mm

EPDM INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL CORNERS - For use with Hertalan easy cover

Ecomerchant Hertalan Easy Cover Internal & External Corners




Also suitable for DPC systems (EPDM strips and lead alternative) pre-formed corners

  • Pre-fabricated internal and external EPDM corners.
  • Internal corners 200x200x300 mm
  • External corners 300x300x150 mm
  • Skylight corners (45º) 180x150x150 mm

EPDM SITE PIPE SLEEVE- For use with Hertalan easy cover

Ecomerchant Hertalan Easy Cover Universal Pipe Sleeve




  • Unreinforced vulcanised EPDM cuff for flashing penetrations
  • EPDM Square with pre-printed standard sizes for EPDM adhesive systems for Hertalan easy cover

HERTALAN FLASHING- For use with Hertalan easy cover

Ecomerchant Hertalan Easy Cover Flashing




  • Uncured and mouldable EPDM. For use on nonstandard details.
  • Unreinforced unvulcanised EPDM rubber which is plastically deformable and vulcanises in the open air.
  • For use in interior and exterior corners where standard pre-formed corners are not suitable.
  • Roll width 300 mm and 5 mtr. length.


Ecomerchant Hertalan Easy Cover Kerb Trim




  • Quicktrim roof trims: an advanced flat roof edge detail


Ecomerchant Hertalan Easy Cover DripTrim



  • Quicktrim roof trims: an advanced flat roof edge detail

ADHESIVE / SEALANT: HERTALAN KS96 - For use with Hertalan easy cover

Ecomerchant Hertalan Easy Cover KS96 Adhesive Sealant




A high quality MS Polymer adhesive sealant specially developed for adhering Hertalan EPDM sheets and accessories both vertically and horizontally to timber, bitumen, concrete, EPDM and metalwork etc. and membrane jointing.

  • Coverage approx. 7 linear metres for a cartridge (pea sized bead).
  • Available in 600 ml foils and 290 ml cartridges.

HERTALAN KS96 PRIMER - For use with Hertalan easy cover

Ecomerchant Hertalan Easy Cover KS96 Primer




A primer based on polyurethane resin and solvents. The primer is applied on porous substrates to improve adhesion of Hertalan ks96. ks96 primer forms on porous substrates an adhesion layer for the application of Hertalan ks96.

  • The usage will amount to approximately 100-250 g/m², depending on the substrate
  • Available in 1 litre cans.


Ecomerchant Hertalan Easy Cover Recycled Tiles




Easy tiles are made of recycled EPDM and suitable for balconies, walkways and fire escapes as surface protection for roofing membranes.

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