Skylights/Roof Windows

Fakro windows offer superb quality with top end performance and a huge range of options and extras

Features & Benefits of Fakro windows include:

  • The opening handle is located at the bottom of the window making them easier to open at height

  • U-value with standard P2 double glassed is 1.2W/m2K going down to 0.58 W/m2K for U8 quod glazing

  • Guaranteed knot free timber

  • V40p automatic hit and miss trickle vent at top of window

  • Silicone all timber corners of sash and frame

  • “Top safe” – the most secure window on the market place  

  • Condensation run off channel at bottom of window

  • 4 seals around the window and sash – 2 for water and 2 for airtightness

  • Largest range of conservation windows on the market

  • Largest range of sizes of windows on the market 

Not sure how to choose your window?

No problem, simply send us your drawings and we'll do all the work for you, we will size and price exactly what you need and send the whole lot back to you as a single simple quotation. There is absolutely no obligation to buy.

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