Sarket Weather Resistant Sarking Board 595 x 2420 x 18.0 mm

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rrSarket is a high performance bitumen impregnated fibreboard for roofing used as a combined roofing underlay and wind barrier for use on heat-insulated roofs.

With superior weather resistant skin and tongue & groove edge profile Sarket is perfect for sustainable and breathable roof construction. 

Using environmentally friendly production methods, Sarket is made from 100% wood waste and the weather resistant skin is made from recycled newspaper.

Each board measures 595 x 2420 x 18.0 mm, each board weighs 6.91 kg’s there are 100 sheets per pallet

Price is per board. Bulk discount for orders over 99 boards – see below

As this is an oversized item please call or email for best delivery price.

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Sarket is an all-in-one underlay and wind barrier which means that it provides ventilation on the upper side of sub-roofs.  The 18 mm soft fibreboards boards have been impregnated and coated with bitumen for use in sloping insulated wooden roofs.  They are particularly suitable for roofs that are fully insulated from the eaves to the ridge and for roofs that might be insulated at a later date.  With Sarket you do not need to include a gap for ventilation between the sub-roof and the wind barrier!  The boards are supplied with tongue and groove on all four sides and are therefore very easy to lay.

Sarket is also eminently suitable for roofs that are being renovated.  The boards can be laid directly on top of old sub-roofs (the felt must be removed).  Insulation can then be added to the lower edge of the old sub-roof.

•             A robust product that provides transverse bracing

•             Breathable

•             Easy to lay

•             Stores moisture

•             Insulates

•             Environment-friendly

•             Does not cause condensation

•             Holes can easily be made for wires and cables, etc.


Sarket is made in Norway from sustainable waste timber and is designed for use as a combined roof sheathing and membrane. The boards have a special high density cellulose and bitumen layer on the top face which provides a high degree of water tightness while still remaining breathable. Each board weighs only 7 kg and is tongue & groove profiled making handling and installation extremely easy.


The profiled edges on all four sides of the board allows for mid-span joining to create an extremely stable interlocking roof covering. This interlocking capability also minimises wastage, since full length boards can be installed regardless of the spans between rafters or roof trusses. Sarket is suitable for all types of pitched roof construction where the slates, tiles or other roof coverings are fixed on to counter battens and the roof has external drainage.

Sarket is also an ideal choice for on-site fixing to lightweight steel frame infill panels.

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