Solar thermal kit for 2/3 bedroom house

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The SUNSYSTEM solar kits for hot water are ideally conceived to harness the free and ecological solar energy for the household daily needs. 

Product Features

  • Ideally combined components for optimum performance
  • Energy efficiency 
  • All-in set. Just unpack and install 
  • Inclined or flat roof installation possibilities 
  • Reliable design 
  • High-grade materials employed 
  • Solar Keymark certified 


 Qualifies for RHI - Solar Key Marked

* Larger & commercial kits are also available upon request to cover the needs of up to 20 persons. The recommendable number and type of solar collectors varies from climate to climate.

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omplete solar thermal kit for 2/3 bedroom house consisting of the following components:

  • 20 tube evacuated tube solar collector or equivalent flat plateHouse-SUNSYSTEM
  • Roof mounting brackets for solar collectors
  • 2-way pump station
  • Solar controller unit
  • Solar fluid
  • Expansion vessel
  • High temperature steel pipe and fittings
  • Twin coil cylinder
Tank size guide



 Price also includes installation cost and registration for RHIs. Please Call to Order.


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