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Steico Protect DRY Internal & External Wood Fibre Render/Plaster Carrying Board 1325mm x 600mm. 40, 60 & 80mm thick

Steico Protect DRY Internal & External Wood Fibre Render/Plaster Carrying Board 1325mm x 600mm. 40, 60 & 80mm thick

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BOARD ONLY, for the render system please see "Ecomerchant EWI"

Steico Protect DRY is a natural render carrying wood fibre insulation board with a tongue and groove profile manufactured in accordance with EN 13171, designed as an external sheathing board for timber frame constructions or for direct to masonry applications in external wall insulation systems where the render is applied directly to the board.

It is quite common for architects and designers to specify Protect DRY boards in certain building applications and in combination with a separately specified finish or render system, this is why we sell the boards individually and not just as part of our Ecomerchant EWI Protect System. When sold separately as individual boards Ecomerchant offer no guarantees or warranties for Protect DRY when used in conjunction with renders, plasters or finishes.

For ultimate peace of mind we recommend our certified, CE marked Ecomerchant EWI Protect System

Board size 1325mm x 600mm. Board Coverage: 0.747m2 / board

Available in 40mm, 60mm & 80mm thicknesses 

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  • Water vapour open system
  • Suitable for use with direct render systems
  • Part of a full system of components
  • Reduces thermal bridging through the structure
  • Excellent thermal characteristics in both the summer and winter
  • Tongue & groove profile contributes to building airtightness
  • Improves the acoustic performance of the structure
  • Good fire resistance
  • Simple and economic on site handling
  • Sustainable and FSC® certified
  • Manufactured from forest thinnings and small diameter logs
  • An essential component of the Steico External Thermal Insulation Composite System       
  • Provides additional insulation on the external facade
  • Suitable for use in new build or renovation
  • Significantly reduces cold bridging through the structure
  • Removes the need for a ventilated cavity allowing for thinner wall constructions
  • Boards tongue and grooved on all four sides for better windtightness
  • Boards available in thicknesses of 40, 60 and 80mm
  • Excellent insulation properties in summer and winter
  • Improves sound insulation
  • Up to 90 minutes fire protection available

    Board Format

    Thickness [mm]

    Max Pieces / Pallet

    Weight /[kg/m²]

    m² / Pallet

    Weight / Pallet [kg]

    1325 * 600 mm





    ca. 480

    1325 * 600 mm





    ca. 480

    1325 * 600 mm





    ca. 383

 See also Ecomerchant Protect EWI System.

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 Produced and supervised in accordance with EN 13171

 Board designation

 WF–EN 13171–T4–TR30–CS(10\Y)100–WS1 - MU5

 Edge profile

 Tongue and Groove all 4 edges

 Fire class according to EN 13501-1


 Declared thermal conductivity λD [ W / ( m * K )]

0.040 - 0.043

 Declared thermal resistance RD [( m2 * K ) / W]

 0.80 / 1.20

 Density [kg / m3]

 ca. 140-180

 Water vapour diffusion resistance factor μ


 Sd value [m]

 0.2 / 0.3

 Specific heat capacity c [J / (kg * K)]


 Minimum compression strength 10% deformation σ10 [N / mm2]

 ≥ 0.15

 Minimum compression strength [kPa]



 Declared level of airflow resistance [( kPa*s ) / m2]

 ≥ 100

 Raw material

 wood fibre, aluminium sulphate, paraffin, silicate,  waterproofing agents

 Waste code (EAK)

 030105 / 170201

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