Sunsystem Air-Water Heat Pump for Domestic Hot Water

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Sunsystem Air-Water Heat Pump for Domestic Hot Water

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TDB-C S heat pump water heater with one added heat exchanger coil

TDB-C S2 heat pump water heater with two added heat exchanger coils

The Sunsystem heat pump water heaters are compact appliances, which utilises aerothermal energy. They extract heat from the ambient air in the room, intensify it and delivers it to the water in the tank for domestic hot water use. The unit is installed in a non-dwelling room with constant intake of fresh air and would be ideal to use in the same room as a pellet or wood burner.

Please note that these items are on a 3 week lead time, delivered direct to site, carriage paid.

Product features:

Electronic control unit
Antibacterial function
55°C water temperature maintained by heat pump. Heating above 55°C aided by electric heating element provided optionally
Coefficient of performance (COP) = 3.7
Environment friendly heat pump technology with harmless efrigerant R134A (see tech details)
Quiet operation (45dB(A))
Fast and efficient heat recovery
Due to its dehumidification capabilities the system can be installed in moist locations to balance humidity.
High efficiency insulation and outer casing of PVC withRAL 9006 color
Multi-position mounting of temperature sensor
All threads are internal
Complex corrosion protection realized by means of titanium enamel and anode protector
Easy installation. Convenient and compact design



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