Sunsystem STX Twin Coil Solar Ready Water Heater Tank

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STX -Solar ready water heaters with integrated solar station, solar controller and expansion tank. A pre-assembled compact kit of water heater with twin-line solar station, solar controller and expansion tank. Set up a solar thermal system with minimum effort and installation costs.   

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The STX model is a pre-assembled compact kit of a water heater with twin line solar station and solar expansion tank. It can be set up with a solar thermal system with minimum efforr and installation expense.

Please note these items are on a 3 week lead time, delivered direct to site, carrriage paid

Product features:

Equipped with standard twin-line solar pump station with integrated differential temperature controller & expansion vessel

Full port ball, volumetric flow meter, airstop, design insulation of durable EPP, Solar safety group: pressure relief valve & pressure gauge, solar circulation pump by Wilo, flush & fill unit integrated, differential controller, expansion vessel

Aesthetic outer casing in RAL 9006 and black plastic parts

Tank material: S235JR coated with glass-ceramic enamel in accordance with DIN 4753-3, or stainless steel

Magnesium anode for cathodic corrosion protection in all enameled models

1 1/2" sleeve for fitting of an optional electric heating element

Inspection opening Dia180 x Dia120 in models of volume up to 500Ltrs

Large-sized (1") sleeves of heat exchangers to facilitate flow

Large surface of heat exchangers for maximum efficiency

Compressive strength: tank - 10 bar; heat exchanger - 16 bar

Thermometer gauge

Thermoregulator, heating element and a safety valve with 8 bar setting are available as an option


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