Therma Skirt Deco BM Range

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ThermaSkirt in a nutshell:

  • ThermaSkirt replaces the skirting boards and heating system in one convenient, cost-effective package
  • Made from an energy efficient aluminium alloy that emits heat 5 x better than steel
  • Connects onto existing 2 pipe radiator heating system, with minimal modification
  • Has the hot water feed and return pipes ‘moulded’ in so the whole front gets warm
  • The Oval pipes not only make it slim, but improve efficiency & performance
  • Heats up quickly like a radiator, but feels like under floor heating when on
  • Works with conventional heat sources such as boilers and renewables such as heat pumps and solar thermal
  • Has a complete range of solutions for bridging doorways and fireplaces, obstacles and openings, bi-fold doors and staircases
  • Is green deal and RHI approved
  • Ideal for being retro fitted to modern and older buildings

Therma Skirt Deco BM has the benifts of having a Super slim 20mm profile up to 6 metres (19' 8") long, matches typical skirting dimensions , 115mm/4.5'' high profile a really clever hidden rear fixing and can be supplied in 2 colours & finishes.

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Therma Skirt is:

  • Typically 13% better than radiators on conventional heating systems, and up to 25% on renewables
  • RHI & Green Deal Compatible – enables renewables to be installed in existing buildings. (Winner at the National Heat Pump Awards 2012)
  • Response times of a radiator, avoiding the over-heating problems of UFH
  • Low water content – typically 1/2 to 1/3rd of a radiator, maximising the CoP of heat pumps etc.
  • Rapid room heating – only on when required, and off when not
  • All the heat into the room and not into the floor slab or structure
  • Unaffected by the choice of floor covering, maximising performance
  • All around radiant heat – no cooling convection currents and poor heat distribution

ThermaSkirt can help reduce your energy consumption, and thus your carbon footprint, inline with the government’s publication: "Code for Sustainable Homes - Technical Guide".

"The Thermal comfort temperature pictures show that model 3 (ThermaSkirt®) has the most uniform distribution and the most acceptable level amongst all situations".

Model No Min. ºC Max. ºC Mean Room
ave. ºC
Radiator double convector type
(on exterior wall) producing 800w
(cold spots)
(hot spots)
Producing 800w at DT36°C
18.7              21.7
(even heat ±1.3°C)
Quote & results taken from BSRIA test report 51397/1

ThermaSkirt Comfort Temperature at 1.2m

Radiator Comfort Temperature at 1.2m

Taken from BSRIA independent tests, these temperature distribution videos demonstrate perfectly why ThermaSkirt uses less energy to make you feel comfortable.

ThermaSkirt is a skirting board heating system that is designed to be discrete but provide a good quaility space heating in any room in the house and has also been used in public hospitals and care homes due to its thermal capacity and space saveing qualitys.

ThermaSkirt is a good option for people looking to retro fit there current homes due to its convience and the fact it runs on the same pipes as most radiators so it is a easy fitting job.

ThermaSkirt is RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) accepted and is also covered by the green deal for its radient heating and can be installed green deal approved installers.

Note the temperature graph that aqua green is around 21°C, and dark blue 15°C. Note the consistency and even heat distribution achieved by ThermaSkirt compared to radiators – whether under a window or on an internal wall.

Nothing feels like ThermaSkirt! As a result you feel warmer using less energy and your fuel costs are reduced by at least 13%.
ThermaSkirt was proven to be the most efficient form of heating; offering the best uniform heat distribution, with only a 3% variation, compared to a radiator with a massive 13% variation.

For installation instructions please see install video below or click here for paper copy.

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Material: Aluminium & Polymer Alloy
Thermal Conductivity: 236w/m2/K
Water Content 0.49l per m
Paint Finish: to BS EN 12206-1
Foil Finish (where applied) Renolit MBAS 0.15mm

Corrosion Resistance: Excellent
Oxygen Permeability: 0 (Negligible)
Material: Non Hygroscopic Engineering grade polypropylene / Nylon mix
Oxygen Permeability: 0 (Negligible)
O Ring: Balanced Twin Shore Viton & Silicon Mix

Maximum Operating Pressure: 10bar (150psi)
Maximum Op. Temperature: (Greater than or Equal to) 130°C

Valves & Return Manifold
Material: Non Hygroscopic Engineering grade polypropylene / Nylon mix
Oxygen Permeability: 0 (Negligible)
O Ring: Balanced Twin Shore Viton & Silicon Mix

Maximum Operating Pressure: 10bar (150psi)
Maximum Op. Temperature: (Greater than or Equal to) 130°C
Connector Clips, Brackets & Fixtures
Punch pressed 306 Stainless Steel

Mounting Brackets (LT, TS & OG)
High Temperature Resistant Graphite Nylon

Covers & Corners
Ultra-stable temperature resistant ABS & UPVC
Foil Finish (where applied) Renolit MBAS 0.15mm

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