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Pro Clima Contega Exo

Pro Clima Contega Solido Exo Exterior Wind-proof Sealing Tape For Windows & Doors 30m

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Contega Solido Exo is a diffusion open sealing strip for outdoor use as a complement to the Contega Solido SL indoor window sealing tapes.

The strip consists of a spunbond and a film layer. The film is rain resistant and draws upon the same technology employed within the Solitex membranes which ensures active vapour diffusion out of the building structure.

The spunbond side can be exposed to weathering for up to three months and can be plastered over.

The strip has three adhesive tapes to make application simple and efficient.

A roll is 30m long.

Price is per roll.

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Contega Solido Exo is flexible and soft. It can easily be folded to fit into corners. It can be used universally in timber frame and masonry construction. The active diffusion open film enhances drying of the structure.

• The three release strips makes it easy to connect at corners and edges.
• Great adhesion to masonry without the need for primer, even at low temperatures.
• Very watertight, resist more than 8’ ft of water column.
• For taped connections of window- and doorframes and vapor open WRB membranes (SOLITEX MENTO).
• Fleece side can be plastered over for an airtight and seamless and waterproof connection, also in EIFS construction.
• Overlap of fleece tape overlap to be adhered with CONTEGA HF or TESCON tape.
• The extra thin fleece allows the tape to be folded in corners and other tight connections.





Double-layer special membrane made of PP fleece and TEEE functional film


0.25 MNs/g

Water column

> 2.500 mm

Temperature resistance

Long-term -40°C to +90°C

Application temperature

> -10°C



UV stability and outdoor exposure

3 months


Cool and dry



Material Spunbound strip with a film layer. Film is based on the driven rain resistant monolithic TEEE Technology
Temperature Resistance  
Roll Width 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm
Roll Length 30 metres
Usage Exterior

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