Blowerproof Liquid Airtightness System

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A liquid applied airtightness membrane, VOC free, available as spray and brush versions for a wide range of substrates, perfect for difficult to treat connections and penetrations

Ecomerchant Blowerpoof BBA logoTwo products derived from the same formula, a fibre reinforced brush applied membrane and a liquid spray version with no fibres. The brush version is used to seal penetrations, connections, window jambs and difficult to treat applications and as a preparatory treatment before spray applications for larger areas.

The brush version is a unique and simple way to provide a permanent secure and flexible seal between a wide range of substrates with no primers or adhesives required. Available as a 5Kg tub or in a convenient 300g cartridge. This versatile product is a must for any building project where reducing air leakage is desired.Simple, clean and easy to use keeping a tub of this on site means you never miss an opportunity to seal up gaps just when you need to.


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