FID 90mm

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A handy and simple easy fit  insulation fixing made of impact resistant nylon designed to fix lightweight fixtures in plastered and non-plastered insulating boards.Ideal for fixing numerous items to external / internal wall insulation and other solid insulation.

The spiral thread taps itself a positive fit in the insulation board. Installation is straightforward requiring with standard tools generally with no preliminary drilling necessary in thin rendered insulation materials, therefore reduced installation time.

The FID 90 is for boards >90mm and for heavier loads.

FID90  Drives in with 6mm Hex Drive Bit

FID 90 price per box of 25

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The anchor sits entirely in the insulation so allowing for fixtures to be installed without cold bridging. The special shape of the fixings allows secure fixing through plaster generally without the need for pre drilling (although with some insulations they do work better with a small pre drilled hole).

The FID 90 for boards >90mm and for heavier loads.

FID is fixed by driving with either a Torx or Hex driver

The areas of application are:

  • Insulated Façade construction - External Wall Insulation (EWI)
  • Insulating construction – Internal wall insulation (IWI)
  • Acoustic construction applications

The FID can be set in insulating boards with a cordless screwdriver or by hand. The special spiral thread taps itself in the insulating board.

Fixtures are fixed with a 6 mm screw for the FID 90.

Water ingress in the  insulation can be  prevented  by  sealing  the plug collar with a suitable sealant after pre-positioned installation.

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