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Thermafleece Cosy Wool Rolls Sheep's Wool Insulation... Thermafleece Cosy Wool Rolls Sheep's Wool Insulation

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SupaSoft Insulation Roll... SupaSoft Insulation Roll

Ecomerchant Sheep On The Hill

Thermafleece is one of the longest established brands in the sustainable building products sector. They offer a wide range of sustainable building insulation and have mastered the many and varied uses of wool in the built environment.

As we approach a period of low energy prices, we should not lose sight of the importance of conserving fuel and power. Insulating a property is not just about saving money; after all, you probably don’t by the cheapest of everything, other factors such as comfort, health and (what we may call) doing your bit for the environment all matter.  That’s why we sell Thermafleece products, we believe it is vital to promote the benefits of using natural insulation in the building fabric wherever possible.

Thermafleece uses various grades of wool, in particular, coarse wool. By using coarse wool in a durable product such as insulation, we can ensure that the carbon stored in the wool remains locked up for many decades. Unlike light fine wools, British coarse dark wool is not suitable for other applications so by converting it into insulation; Thermafleece is effectively turning a waste by-product of British hill sheep farming into a valuable, locally grown, locally sourced and durable building product.

As the ultimate natural renewable and biodegradable fibre, wool is a practical choice when considering construction materials, particularly insulation. It is also a supremely safe fibre thanks to its natural fire retardant properties. 

Thermafleece will not contribute towards the developmental stages of fire. Thermafleece insulation complies with British Standard BS 5803-4 for flammability and resistance to smouldering.

Using wool as an insulating material has many benefits and this is due to how the wool fibres are packed together. Millions of air pockets are formed which trap air and as a result, ensure homes are kept warm during the winter and cool in the summer.  One of the key advantages of using wool within the home is the material’s breathability and capability to absorb and release moisture from the surrounding air. Wool fibres also resilient ensuring the insulation retains its thickness and in turn efficiency over a long period. 

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The Why

Sheep’s wool insulation is an outstanding insulator

Thermal conductivity is the ability for heat to pass from one side of a material through to the other. It is measured in W/mK, where a lower value signifies a better insulator.

Sheep wool insulation has a thermal conductivity of between 0.035 – 0.04 W/mK, whereas typical mineral wool has a thermal conductivity of 0.044 W/mK. 

 Sheep's wool purifies the air Sheep's wool is proven to absorb and neutralise harmful substances

The wool is a natural protein made up of a number of different amino acid chains (18 to be exact!) of which 60% have a reactive side chain.

These reactive areas allow the wool to absorb harmful and odorous substances including Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide and Formaldehyde and neutralise them through a process known as Chemisorption.

So using the sheep wool as insulation actually has health benefits and creates a feel-good indoor climate.

Sheep's wool regulates humidity

Sheep wool can absorb 33% of its weight in moisture without compromising its insulating ability. The core of the sheep wool fibre is hygroscopic, meaning that it will absorb water vapour – making it perfect in the loft space where you tend to encounter more condensation.

Sheep's wool offers outstanding sound insulationEcomerchant Lakeland Sheep

Sheep wool offers fantastic acoustic insulation – far better than comparable insulating wool materials. Therefore it is becoming increasingly popular in schools and offices to help aid concentration in the classroom and ensure meetings can be held undisturbed

Sheep's wool doesn’t itch

One of the main reasons why we like sheep wool and recommend it so highly is that it is really easy to work with. Both the glass wool and rock wool cause major irritation if you handle them with bare skin and can cause damage to lungs and eyes. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you wear a mask and goggles when installing either of these. However, sheep wool insulation is a breeze to work with as it is safe and harmless – lie on the stuff and it would just feel soft and fluffy like a woollen jumper

Sheep's wool is sustainable

The final point is that sheep wool is 100% natural product – Since sheep naturally produce the wool, it requires a fraction of the energy to produce than manmade wool equivalents 

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