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Solo Universal One Coat Plaster 25Kg

Solo Universal One Coat Plaster 25Kg



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A universal general purpose high quality single coat plaster for use on a wide range of surfaces including plasterboard, masonry, brickwork, render board.

Can be applied directly to Steico Therm as internal insulation. Solo is our most popular and bestselling one coat plaster thanks to its high quality and versatility. Also use Solo for small areas, patching and repair it is simple easy and quick.

Ready reckoner: Allow 1.6kg's of dry plaster per 1mm thickness per square metre.

Price is per 25kg bag

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One Coat Lime Plaster is straightforward, no-nonsense, consistent, labour and time saving product. One Coat Plaster doesn't require an initial base coat. Applied as normal it can be finished to smooth surface. With no waiting for a first coat to go off, this makes it faster to apply so more wall area can be completed in a day, making One Coat the perfect product, especially for smaller projects where it's not possible to use ‘waiting time' to work elsewhere.

One Coat Lime Plaster can be used on a wide range of substrates including standard plasterboard, masonry, brickwork and fibre insulation panels, which can then be painted over. One coat is the perfect finish for Steico Therm and can be applied directly to the board for internal wall insulation applications.

Just as with our other lime plasters, One Coat is highly permeable to water vapour and so allows moisture to escape while also creating a healthier living environment.

Guidance notes

  • Sample trials should always be carried out to assess compatibility with substrate.
  • Porous backgrounds should be dampened before application. 
  • Do not allow Lime green one coat plaster to rapidly dry; dampen very dry backgrounds and do not force dry. 
  • Do not prime walls with PVA 
  • Not suitable for excessively wet or continuously damp backgrounds 
  • Lime green plaster should be applied to uniformly flat walls. Uneven walls should dubbed out using lime green Duro first


  • Mix with only clean water for between 3 to 5 mins. Add approx 5-7 litres of water to a 25kg sack
  • Temperature: 5˚C to 30˚C
  • Reworking: Not possible
  • Required thicknesses
  • Insulation boards typically 8 to 12mm
  • Plaster boards typically 3 to 5mm
  • Masonry typically 10-12mm


On masonry

Apply the plaster in either one pass and level the plaster with a straight edge, leave for approximately 1½ hours. Sponge float giving a light creamy texture to the plaster, leave for another few minutes after which the plaster may be closed in with a steel trowel to produce a smooth finish. Do not over work the surface or this may lead to fire cracking.

On boards and wood fibre insulation boards.

Apply Lime Green one coat plaster in 2 passes within one hour of each other with lime green 910 mesh pushed into the first pass

Finish the plaster as above


Allow at least 2 weeks drying time

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Thickness / Dimensions

Typical Requirements for 1 m² installed *

Plaster for levelling walls underneath boards



Lime Green Duro

Typically 12mm

(May vary from 0 to 25mm+)

17kg @ 10mm thick



Insulation Board




Wood fibre square edge


1.3 boards





Wood fibre tongue and groove


2.2 boards







Ejot H1 Eco

Insulated hammer-in fixing




Ejotherm STR-H Fixing

Insulating washer & screw




Lime Green glass fibre mesh 910


1.10 m²

Plaster on boards


Lime Green Solo one coat plaster

Approx 8-12mm


  1. I recommend this product to clients Review by Joe

    I have built this product into many refurbishment projects and insulation systems. I highly recommend it. (Posted on 05/03/2019)

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