SkamoWall Board System - Insulation & Mould Control

SkamoWall is a simple, proven and reliable building system

SkamoWall is a complete solution to damp walls providing insulation and the elimination of mould. The system is based around SkamoWall Board made from calcium silicate.

Simple and quick to install in three steps:

  • Clean off mould and other materials from the wall
  • Apply SkamoWall Adhesive on the wall and mount the SkamoWall Board
  • Prime and then plaster with SkamoWall Primer and SkamoWall Plaster - now you are ready to paint

The SkamoWall system consists of an optional SkamoWall Biocide, the SkamoWall Adhesive, the SkamoWall Board, the SkamoWall Primer and SkamoWall Smooth Finish Plaster. View the system products below

Watch the video to see the system explained

Ecomerchant SkamoWall Explained


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Moisture in buildings – the problem.....

Considering the volume of rain that the average UK home has to deal with each year it’s no wonder that occasionally some homes will suffer from damp and mould problems on their internal walls. What causes damp (and mould) walls can vary, but one thing is for sure mould needs damp to thrive. Moisture in buildings can be caused by leaking pipes, rising damp in basements or ground floors, or rain seeping in because of damage to the roof or guttering or around window frames. In a newly built home, damp can occur if the building materials used when the house was built were exposed to periods of rainfall either when stored on-site or in situ, which means when the building is finished it still needs to dry out. Moisture trapped in buildings this way can take years to get rid of.

Excess moisture can also be caused by condensation. Condensation forms when the air indoors can't hold any more moisture. Cooking, showering, drying clothes indoors and breathing without adequate ventilation can all cause excess moisture. Droplets can form on indoor surfaces such as mirrors, windowsills and on walls, particularly when they're cold.

If you then couple one of these causes with poor ventilation (poor or non-existent air flow), then any damp walls will struggle to dry out, even if the original source of water has been repaired. This is when wall mould problems can develop and persist.

Moisture is present in pretty much every building material and the act of evaporation controls the majority of this moisture content. If a building is sealed then it will not be able to breathe and if it can’t breathe then moisture cannot evaporate and it will simply sit there and manifest itself into any number of further damp and mould problems in your walls.

Aside from the potential structural damage that a building can suffer from due to prolonged exposure to damp and mould it is also possible that your health will be affected too.

 ………and the solution

By using the SkamoWall System not only are you removing mould, you are also preventing it from occurring again. Mould does not damage your health immediately. However, if you stay in a room with mould for long periods of time, your health is likely to be affected. This especially includes people with asthma, hay fever or other allergies. The reactions to mould vary, but the symptoms are typically headache, difficult to concentrate, irritated eyes, tiredness, dizziness, blocked nose, sore throat and reddening or burning skin.

Damp walls can result in the growth and spread of black mould on your walls and this can be harmful to your health. The spores that can be emitted by mould on internal walls have been linked to quite a few health issues including breathing problems (asthma), infections, and allergic reactions and some moulds can give off toxic spores that can pose even greater health risks.

Germany has utilised this system for more than 20 years, and they have observed that issues with damp and mould have been eliminated after mounting SkamoWall Board. This is a clear demonstration of the system's effectiveness.

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