Doors: Patio,Sliding, Bi-Fold, French & Entrance

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Timber and Alu clad doors of all types, entrance, patio, sliding, bi-fold French

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  1. Entrance Doors

    Entrance Doors


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    All our doors are manufactured from premium quality, laminated slow grown woods, sourced from sustainable forests. This eco-friendly approach ensures superior product quality and enhanced durability. As standard, we also use environmentally friendly materials, such as water-based adhesives, stains and varnishes. All our doors are fitted with three point secure locking mechanisms to ensure better security and stability. We have timber, aluminium clad, glazed and solid doors to cover all design and performance requirements.

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  2. Bi-Fold Doors

    Bi-Fold Doors


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    Space saving, beautiful doors installed between rooms or onto the garden, our sliding folding doors offer a stylish way to change the feel of a room completely.

    Allowing vast amounts of natural light into the room whilst offering splendid views onto the garden, the doors fold and slide elegantly to completely open the room. The doors can be configured to suit the layout of the room, the doors stack outside and has a potential span of 9 metres.

    The bi-folding doors are installed on both top and bottom tracks for long lasting doors and mechanisms. It may also be possible to fit the lower track flush in the floor to create an unobstructed floor for a stylish  seamless effect in dividing or opening up internal spaces.

    Our top performing double glazing ensures that the room maintains a comfortable temperature all year round, the weight of the glass is supported easily with engineered, or multi-layered, timber. Strong, durable and rigid, the bi-fold doors retain their precise fit with no twisting or warping.

    These double glazed folding sliding doors are easy to fit and with a factory applied paint or stain protection, they require nothing more once installed. Job done.

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  3. Sliding Patio Doors 1

    Sliding Patio Doors


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    Large span patio doors offer horizontal sliding door solutions onto gardens and patios. Big views and lots of natural light with the high security locking system for a tough barrier against intruders.

    All our patio doors are made to measure please call for a quote

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  4. French Doors

    French Doors


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    Classic french Doors allow plenty of natural light into buildings with a good view of the outdoors, they usually consist of two doors, with one overlapping the other.

    Secure and easy to close this traditional design is manufactured using the latest frame and glazing technology to provide a watertight and draught-proof door.

    Our doors are made from engineered timber with strong and slender casements and glazing bars complete with double glazed to complete a modern or traditional look and feel.

    The French doors feature top performance components as standard and there are plenty of options to add customisations such as side panels, two tone colour choices, glazing bars and tinted glass options. Thermally efficient double glazing is teamed with multi-point locking system to ensure that the new French doors are secure and stylish.

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