Ecomerchant Traditional Sliding Sash Timber Windows

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Traditional Look, modern performance quality engineered

The Traditional Sliding Sash Spiral Balance window is a vertical sliding design, with a tensioned spring, providing a lifting mechanism to operate the window. The Sliding Sash Spiral Balance window incorporates all the traditional features of an original box sash window with a modern method of operation.

The Traditional Sliding Sash Window is suitable for installation in conservation areas and is most commonly chosen for new build or refurbishment properties where the finished look is an integral part of the 'look'  but where modern levels of comfort are demanded.

Timber only

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The Traditional Spiral Balance Sliding Sash window ensures all the period features of the original sash window are retained, whilst incorporating the latest advances in timber window technologies, security and performance.

Traditional aesthetic features including an external putty bead design and Internal Ovolo moulding on the sash and frame replicate the elegant profiling of period windows. The Slim Frame Sections of the traditional timber Sliding Sash window optimises glass areas to retain period styling and specialist horn details; exclusive to the Traditional range allows sash locking when horns are specified to lower sashes.

Inline balances, concealing the spiral balance operation are incorporated into the Traditional Sliding Sash Spiral Balance Window design as standard. The balances are adjustable and available in four colour options; white, brown, cream and black.

The Angel lock is fitted as standard to set the night vent position, restrict the lower sashes and provide an additional locking point for child safety.

A popular window specification chosen to retain the traditional look of wooden Sliding Sash Windows is a white colour paint finish, polished brass Ironmongery and 16mm Georgian Lambs Tongue bars. To create a truly unique finish to your project, why not choose a curved window head with a sunburst bar arrangement.

Weather Testing

The Traditional Spiral Balance Sliding Sash has been independently tested to BS6375 by certification body BM Trada rating weather performance, achieving the highest possible classification.

The Sliding Sash design achieved a UK Exposure Category of 2000, 600pa (class 3) for Air permeability, 250pa water tightness and 0.8 air leakage

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Standard Ratings.

Both the glass and frame are taken into consideration when calculating the U-Value the value for the Ecomerchant Traditional Lipped casement window is   1.37W/m2K

The above U-Value is achieved with standard soft coat low 'E' argon filled double glazed units, giving the Ecomerchant product a centre pane U-Value of 1.0W/m2K. The Low-E coating is microscopically thin and has optically transparent layers of silver, sandwiched between layers of metal oxide coating. This specific process is known as 'sputter coating' and is also referred to as soft coating.

The Low-E coating allows most natural light to enter freely but reflects a significant portion of shortwave heat energy. In summer, long-wave heat energy radiating from objects is reflected back outside, lowering cooling costs. In contrast, in winter, internal long-wave heat energy is reflected back inside, thus lowering heating costs.

In relation to the Low-E coating the double glazed units are gas filled to improve the glazing properties further. Filling the pane space with gas minimizes the convection current within the space, as the gas achieves excellent insulation levels. As a result the glazing will achieve an overall reduction of heat transfer between the internal and external areas of the property. As standard argon gas is used in Ecomerchant's double glazed units achieving the above U-Values, however depending on your project you may need to achieve a lower U-Value and Ecomerchant offer a range of solutions to increase your fabrics insulation efficiency.

Warm Edge Spacers.

Thermal bridging is a major factor to losing heat through windows/doors and can be found inside insulating glass units which incorporates traditional metallic spacers. Ecomerchant offer a range of warm edge spacers that have a thermal conductivity of 0.19W/m2K, which is 1,052 times less than the thermal conductivity of Aluminium.

This recent generation of insulating glass spacers, thermally break the insulating glass edge and create a 'warm edge', reducing condensation and keeping more heat inside your home.

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More Information

Product information – Standard Design Features

 24mm Glazing Unit

The optimum thickness of unit for thermal efficiency. This is the overall width of the glass unit.

Anti Prise Clips

Fixed to the middle of sashes and frames, these are for enhanced security

Anti Warp Clips

Fixed to the top and bottom of sashes and frames, these are an enhanced security device.

Complete Gasket Seal

Gaskets around sashes and frames ensure weather tight seals. It compresses when handles engage and windows are shut.

Espanolette Locking

A locking device fitted to the sash which engages into keeps in the frame. Operated by the handle, this secure method of locking is mandatory for highest security levels.

Friction Hinges

Attaching the sash to the frame, these will allow the sash to remain in any position opened to. This is due to the friction element. Available in various easy clean or egress versions.

Side Hung

Hung vertically and hinged at the sides, this style opens out with handings showing the direction of swing

Top Hung

Hung horizontally, this style opens / swings out like an awning.

Traditional Range – Features

Clip in fixed sash detail

Ideal for replacement situations where fixings need to be established through the frame. This feature allows removal of non opening sashes easily and quickly so handling and fixing can easily be achieved.

Dummy Sashes

A non-opening light where sightlines look as though a sash is fitted in the frame.

External Putty bead design

Our purpose made external mould detail has been designed to give the impression of an external putty bead with its angle and shadow groove. Importantly security has not been compromised with internal beading being retained.

Hidden Silicon

Our silicone design takes into account the need for improved energy efficiency whilst retaining period aesthetics with only a discrete silicone bead surrounding the glass units.

Internal Ovolo mouldings

These add another important aesthetic feature with their elegant profiling.

Night Vents

A device with a secondary keep position for locking cams. Allows windows to be ajar whilst still locked.

Slim Frame Sections

In order to optimise glass areas and to retain period styling, The Traditional Range utilises slim frame sections.

Various cill depths including sub cill option

The ability to vary cill depths as well as an extension has been incorporated into the design.

Optional Design Features

 Angled Head

Angled windows ideal for screens and atriums for modern architectural designs.

Arched Head

A gothic arched effect common on older buildings and barns

Concealed Restrictor

Ironmongery fitted to the sash and frame which enables constraint on the opening of the window

Curved Head

A curved or rounded effect on windows, bullseye and oval windows are variant of the same theme.

Flying Mullion

On two light narrow windows where fire escape is required, the mullion is fitted to the sash allowing maximum clearance.

Groove for window board

A rebate to allow a location for the window board on the inside of the frame section.

Head Drips

This is used for concealing the external vent grill and weather protection.

Trickle Vents

A very small hole in the window frame covered by opening vents to allow natural ventilation. Reducing the risk of condensation, these are covered by Part F of the Building Regulations.



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