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A fabulous range of premium quality internal doors from one of the oldest and most respected suppliers in the business

Why choose wooden doors?

Timber has been used in construction for thousands of years and is still one of the many essential products used when building homes and commercial properties. One of the benefits of quality wooden doors is that they define the style of a property, as well as achieving privacy, security and insulation.

Wooden doors and the environment

Wooden doors are an obvious choice for the environmentally conscious. Unlike other alternatives produced from non-renewable sources, such as steel, plastic and fibre glass, wood is a naturally recurring raw material which is obtained from sustainable sources to ensure there is no environmental impact.

The JB Kind Door Collection offers its customers nearly 200 innovative classic and contemporary doors designs with nearly 50% of these holding the globally recognised FSC® (Forestry Stewardship Council) certification.

Shown on our site are a selection of the FSC accredited doors, we firmly believe that the accreditation is the most responsible choice for the environment but you can order any of the doors in the range through us.

How wooden doors are made

The production of wooden doors has moved on from simply nailing a few planks together and now the development of more sophisticated manufacturing techniques has enabled a wider variety of wooden doors to be offered to the market. Wood has a tendency to warp in some environments, so these days the majority of wooden doors today are of engineered construction.

This is more cost effective, than using 100% pure solid timber, and also ensures the door is more stable. The core construction of a modern wooden door can range from solid laminated timber, to chipboard and cellular (egg box). This core is then veneered with timber, the most common being Oak however, many alternative veneers are available, such as: Ash, Bamboo, Beech, Cherry, Maple, Pine and Walnut as you can see in our the full JB Kind door catalogue available to download from the ‘TECHNICAL INFO’ tab on each product page.

The construction of wooden doors is now far superior to years gone by and the number of uses has grown. For instance the technical specification of fire doors has changed greatly over the years and so has their appearance. Fire doors are no longer unattractive and functional as they are now available in a variety of door designs, including the most contemporary including glazed options. 
Download more information about fire doors below

The warmth and tactile nature of timber and the vast array of designs and finishes available mean that there is a wooden door to match every type of décor and design specification, which will last for many years.

Something about the manufacturer JB Kind

Established in 1870, JB Kind has always operated in the timber sector, and in 1983 it began its door division. Now widely considered a leading specialist in wooden doors, JB Kind balances profitability with environmentalism, ensuring all of its wooden doors are procured from sustainable sources.

Established in the timber trade for over 140 years and more than 30 years as door specialists, 
JB Kind has built a well-deserved reputation for quality wooden doors and excellent service.

Their Door Collection offers its customers nearly 200 innovative classic and contemporary doors designs with nearly 50% of these holding the globally recognised FSC® (Forestry Stewardship Council) certification.

JB Kind Ltd Environmental Policy Statement

JB Kind Ltd recognises that it has a legal and moral responsibility to manage its activities in such a way so as to reduce the detrimental impact on the environment.

To this end, JB Kind Ltd will adopt a philosophy of ‘beyond minimum compliance’ at all levels of its operations to ensure that the impact of pollution and environmental disruption is reduced as much as possible.

This will involve: -

  • Compliance with all environmental legal requirements, regulations and guidance.
  • Integration of environmental factors into business decisions.
  • Planning work systems and practices so as to give due consideration as to their potential environmental impact.
  • So far as it is possible to prevent the illegal deposit, disposal or treatment of controlled waste by any person where that waste has been, or will be under the control of the company.
  • Where possible seek to influence the design and specification of construction projects so as to ensure that environmental impact is minimised as far as it reasonably practical.
  • Ensuring considered use of resources of all kinds, including the promotion of recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.
  • Establishing company procedures to ensure that waste is managed in line with legislation and that all parties involved in the waste production, transportation, transfer and disposal process comply with their Duty of Care regarding waste control.
  • Periodically review environmental legislation to which the organisation’s activities are subject to ensure continued compliance with both the letter and spirit of legislation.


Product Specific

All doors supplied by JB Kind are primarily made from wood, a material which is probably the most environmentally friendly known to man. Eminently sustainable, wood has the capacity to store long-term carbon dioxide in the manufactured product. When processed wood uses less energy than the production of all other competing materials.

JB Kind is not content to accept the pedigree of the material alone and every effort is made to ensure suppliers are procuring their lumber from sustainable sources.

Many of our product ranges are sourced from F.S.C (Forest Stewardship Council) Chain of Custody suppliers with others in the process of achieving this status.

JB Kind has FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) chain of custody certification (SW-COC-002638) for certain products and is actively working with all timber product suppliers to achieve 100% compliance.

Protecting the environment not only makes good commercial sense but is also an investment in our future, both short term and long term. JB Kind Ltd, therefore, firmly commit to adopting this policy as a means to achieving this. 



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Regular Price: £152.44

Special Price £121.95

Chartwell Oak Door ... Chartwell Oak Door

Regular Price: £224.82

Special Price £179.86

Mistral Walnut Door ... Mistral Walnut Door

Regular Price: £127.86

Special Price £102.29

Limelight Savoy Primed Door ... Limelight Savoy Primed Door

Regular Price: £167.33

Special Price £133.86

Thames II Oak Door ... Thames II Oak Door

Regular Price: £160.18

Special Price £128.14

Eden Oak Door ... Eden Oak Door

Regular Price: £202.33

Special Price £161.86

Sherwood 4 Panelled Classic Oak Door ... Sherwood 4 Panelled Classic Oak Door

Regular Price: £188.28

Special Price £145.82

Mistral Grooved Oak Door Pre-Finished... Mistral Grooved Oak Door Pre-Finished

Regular Price: £196.71

Special Price £157.37

Sirocco Pre-Finished Oak Door... Sirocco Pre-Finished Oak Door

Regular Price: £151.75

Special Price £121.40

Snowdon 4 Panel Oak Door... Snowdon 4 Panel Oak Door